The Kolkata Children's Project

Kolkata's Forgotten Brothers

The Kolkata Children's Project (KCP) is the most developed and ongoing project of The Beloved Community. Since 2009, members of TBC have been traveling to the rural village of Chitragunj in Eastern India just outside of Kolkata, to provide educational opportunities and emergency medical care for underprivileged children and their families. We are currently assisting 90 children between the ages of 3-18 with school tuition, books, uniforms, bags, and supplies.

The residents of the Chitragunj Village endure an oppressed lifestyle as they reside in the "untouchable" (Dalit) social status. These people live in poverty, while their able-bodied members attempt to work in the city of Kolkata. Unfortunately, they're met with disgraceful pay and are often reduced to living in toxic dumps to sort out recyclables. This is the horrendous cycle of poverty that village youth see in their future, so our main strategy of assistance for the village is to fund the children's school fees so that they may find technical/trade work and support their impoverished families.

TBC's most recent undertaking is the Kolkata’s Forgotten Brothers Project (KFB). This exciting new project started during TBC’s January of 2017 trip to Kolkata when TBC members met Jakir, Ronnie, Sahil, and Sajada.
These young men (ages 14-23) were living on the streets of Kolkata and were very helpful as they accompanied and assisted the TBC team. Over time, TBC learned about their lives, their back story, and their daily struggles.
Now they are a part of the Kolkata’s Forgotten Brothers Project where TBC is funding English lessons to better their future.

Bamangachi Howrah Initiative

Explanation of BHI...

Check out the GoFundMe campaign for the Kolkata’s Forgotten Brothers Project:
Funds raised for the project will also go towards emergency health care and necessities. The Chitragunj Village faces various health issues such as skin rashes, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Your support will be essential for providing these struggling families with doctor visits, medicine, tarps for shelters during the monsoon season, and mosquito nets to combat the spread of Malaria.
Members of TBC frequently travel to Kolkata and the Chitragunj Village to reconnect with the community while checking on and advancing the project. We also work with our project liaisons, Sumit Shankar Dey and Tamal Mukherjee, who play a key role in community relations, translating, and allocation of funds. Over the past 8 years, TBC members have formed lasting relationships with these incredible people.